Simple, Powerful Recruitment Software

We help recruiters manage the entire recruitment process – from posting jobs to on-boarding new hires – with one, easy to use system.

Key Features

Job Advertising

Advertise jobs on job boards, social networks and your website.

Candidate Sourcing

Receive candidate applications from all your sourcing channels.

Candidate Messaging

Engage your candidates better with personalised messages.

Candidate Managenent

Track applicants across your customised recruitment pipeline.

Team Collaboration

Share your recruitment with other members of your organisation.

Interview Management

Schedule interviews seamlessly in a fewclicks with built-in interview scheduling.

Built For Your Kind Of Recruiting

For Internal Recruiting

Build your talent pipeline, put your sourcing on auto pilot and collaborate effectively with your team.

For Recruiting Agency

Source and engage candidates, build pipeline and scale your recruiting business.

Collaborate With Your Team

Coordinate with your entire team online by bringing them onboard. Streamline your hiring process by delegating tasks and instant followups. Have a collaborative recruiting environment by sharing your feedback on candidates as comments and reviews.

Source Better Candidates

Focus on hiring the best talent by sourcing candidates effectively. Source candidates directly from LinkedIn. Migrate existing database of candidates to build your Talent Pool. Source candidates from your Talent Pool.

Manage Candidate Applications

View all candidate applications in a rich standardised format. Track applicants across your customised recruitment pipeline. Shortlist candidates in a few clicks with Talent CRM Recruiter Intelligence.


Schedule & Manage Interviews

Schedule interviews seamlessly in a few clicks with the most hassle-free interviewing solution. Screen candidates on video and quicken your shortlisting process. Create group interviews with time slots and let candidates choose a time to be interviewed.